Let’s Clear Some Things Up

Checking your qualifications is a good place to start. If you fall under our program requirements, schedule a zero-risk, free energy audit to learn more about energy inefficiencies.

Here are some of the tests you can expect to run during your free audit:

  • Blower door testing
  • Thermal imaging and infrared scanning
  • Detailed attic evaluation
  • Carbon monoxide check

Yes! You can apply if ½ of your tenants are considered income qualified and you are prepared to provide 50% of the total building project cost*

*Unless the building is located in areas of concentrated poverty, for example the Minneapolis Green Zones, in which case the participating building owner would provide 25 percent of the total

Property owners that house half income qualified tenants will receive a FREE energy audit and 50% of the costs of energy conservation measures in qualifying rental properties. CenterPoint Energy may cover more costs if your program qualifies for other categorical eligibility criteria. Contact us to learn more.

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